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Part 1

Have you ever imagined a wedding so perfect, the perfect location, all your guest show up, everything going as scheduled and last but not least a beautiful sunny day? To me that isn't a perfect wedding. My or should say our perfect wedding is, the most important people in my family attending, husband to be smiling as I walk down the isle, the officient standing there waiting, the bridal party watching me walk down the isle and finally... the big moment as we say I do and announce us husband and wife making it legal. That's the perfect wedding. In our story, I did have the perfect wedding along with everything that came before, during and after. Nothing else mattered to us after all we went through to get this far and what we have to go through to move on with our lives as a normal husband and wife. Our story will tell the trials and tribulations of an internet romance evolving through big milestones, heartache and pain to reach our goal and to face the rest of our challanges together. The perfect wedding is not perfect if perfect, it's perfect when at the end of the day it's legal and you marry the person of your dreams.

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