The Nereid & The Lighthouse at Cape Kayli (Part 3, page 3 of 78)

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Part 3

impunity; when a rich landowner, if he got a woman alone, to all intents and purposes had the right to rape her, then claim or discard her at a whim- the ‘right of the master’ she believed they called it then; when girls like herself had absolutely no choice but to cater to the every whim of an old cow like Mrs. Tate.

Maid, clean my bedpan! she mocked.

Maid, rub my feet!

Maid, massage my neck!

Maid, help me undress!

‘Maid! Aren’t you listening to a word I’ve said? I’m done-’

‘Yes,’ Jennifer mumbled, feeling a little unsteady once more. It was bad tonight, whatever it was. I shouldn’t’ve forgotten to take those iron pills, she chastised herself, then smiled inwardly at her own use of a double contraction everyone used, but seemingly none ever set down on paper.

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