The Nereid & The Lighthouse at Cape Kayli (Part 3, page 1 of 78)

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Part 3

The Lighthouse at Cape Kayli


Jennifer Green stumbled out of bed, bedraggled and puffy-eyed as the hand bell jangled. Gods,

didn’t the woman ever sleep?

‘Maid? Maid! Where in blazes are you?’

I’ll maid you in a minute, you old crow! I do have a name, you know! Jennifer thought to

herself as she scrambled into her slippers and housecoat. The old lady was not an invalid. Far

from it. She had the constitution of a bull, and the voice and manners to match!

‘Maid! What’s taking you so long?’

‘I’m here, Mrs. Tate,’ Jennifer said with studied patience, trying not to stumble into the woman’s room. For a fleeting moment she felt faint, and almost had to clutch at something to keep her balance. But as usual the brief spell passed as she busied herself over the insufferable Mrs. Tate.

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