The Murderous Ghost Of The Hideaway Bar (Part 4, page 1 of 5)

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Part 4

One night after closing the bar and grill Jack felt someone push him down the stairs into the basement. When he turned around no one was there. He shook it off. He didn't say anything because he didn't want to be thought of a drunk or a half whacked job. He did confide in Henry. Henry listened to people like Houston but was a little more sympathetic to whoever that person at the time he was talking to. Jack could see Henry had a interest in Amber.

The second incident was some one had turned the bar and grill upside down disarraying every utensil there was in the place. In the restrooms every toilet was stuffed with toilet paper then flushed. Of course the toilets ran over onto the floor under the door into the hallway. They closed the place down for a whole entire day for nothing but clean up. The security camera didn't show anybody breaking in. Houston and Elizabeth suspected Amber.

Henry paid out of his money for two new doors for the restrooms. Good thing the brothers had decided to install the bottom half of the walls in tile. With the replacement of the doors they were back up and running.Henry decided they needed a watch dog for the bar and grill so Dobbie stayed and guarded the place from closing to ten in the morning..

Things simmered down for awhile. The air felt really heavy when both Elizabeth and Amber was in the bar and grill. For some reason Elizabeth was bound determined to get Amber fired and away from both brothers Jack and Henry. Jack was also married but his wife was away serving her country overseas. To Elizabeth that was a perfect storm brewing between Jack and Henry.

Henry didn't like Elizabeth sticking her nose in his business. one evening he told Houston and Elizabeth just that but in a nicer way. He told them he had always excused himself from going with anywhere or said anything when they were falling in love with each other. He wanted the same thing in his and Ambers affair or whatever comes out of it.

Elizabeth didn't heed his advise so he had to get firmer with her. He bluntly told her to but out of his business. Elizabeth some how talked Houston into going to the senior high rise where his mother had moved to and got her to take Henry's name off of the business.

When Henry found out about it he went to see his mother. She told him that Elizabeth said Amber was just looking for a sugar daddy type and found it in Henry. Henry told his mother that wasn't so and Elizabeth was the controlling one. If you didn't agree with every little word she would throw a temper tantrum and would storm out of the room. He told her the rift between the brothers occurred when Elizabeth started inserting herself into the family's business.

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