The Murderous Ghost Of The Hideaway Bar (Part 3, page 1 of 5)

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Part 3

It took the Chandler Brothers Construction almost weeks to install the new roofing. Then another two weeks to paint all of the motel. Then it was replacing the old fixtures in every suite's bathrooms. that was almost three weeks to do because of breaks in the pipes. After two months the hotel was ready for occupancy.

The new developer for the shopping mall got their permits and had a big construction company came in tearing up the high way even more with their heavy machinery . The building just south the phase cut off owner reached out to Houston and Henry to turn their four story building into a senior and disabled housing.

The brothers saw another big construction company had made a partial street in running to the New Apartment complex they were building. It took them right up to the deadline to have it open for people that came to the opening event to tour. The St. Roberts school board was in the process of building a huge school.

Children from St. Robert up thru Arlington School district would be attending it. The Board and the other communities was taking on suggestions of what to name it. Henry suggested the name of The New Route 66 School District. The minute he suggested that the board and members of the surrounding towns agreed. The new school district being funded by the state's taxpayer dollars would consist of three facilities plus a new football field.

Elizabeth Landing and Houston traveled to Saint Louis to show their design for their stretch of the new revitalization of the famous Route66. The news heard about their project and interviewed them. Henry had been invited but he decided to stay in town and let them travel alone.

He had a hunch that they were starting a relationship that a third party needed to stay out of beside there was plenty of work to be done. He hung around the site that was about to be completed. Right before the interview Henry called his brother and informed him the senior citizen apartment complex was finished,

Houston told the television reporter about the completion and showed a photo of the outside of the building, the inside lobby and one apartment.. Thar afternoon Henry met with the city council in Arlington. There was a real estate agency the city hired to sell the houses still standing.

They bought the houses a few years ago when the town bellied up. Those houses needed to be fixed up and the real estate agency recommended them to hire the brother's firm to do the repairs of the house showing the council the work they had done.

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