The Murderous Ghost Of The Hideaway Bar (Part 1, page 1 of 5)

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Part 1

On a slow day at the Samuels Construction company and hardly any work for their crews Houston and Henry decided to go for a drive to see if they could come up with some business for their crews. it would be a pity just to make them go home when they had enough revenue to pay them for working.

They turned on their favorite radio station to listen to what the county commissioners had planned for their community. One of the commissioners was filling the rest of the board that at their last meeting they had nominated appointed people to become a five member committee to revitalized the old route 66 highway

All of the five prospects background check came back clean and was approved. The committee would do the revitalization in phases. Both Houston and Henry agreed it was about time. Up ahead on an old country highway the Route 66 sign was about to fall down.

The brothers stopped and took a tool box out of their trunk. Within a couple of minutes the sign was secure in place. They decided to drive a ways down to see what old buildings were still standing and what shape they were in. They drive about ten miles and saw about five places that desperately needed fixing up.

They decided to turn around at the next place down the road and head back to town. The brothers stop in front of this bar called The Hideaway Bar for sale. They turned into the bar's run down asphalt parking lot. Henry Samuels picked up his pad and wrote parking lot needs redone, Needs a new roof, doors and windows need replaced and landscape needs new plants, and who knows what the inside needs.

On their arrival back into town they stopped by the Peter Landing Real Estate Agency. The met with the owner and inquired about the bar. Peter told them about the shape the bar was in. Houston told him they had seen it and wanted to know how much the owner was asking. He told them the bar fell into his hands and he was willing to sell it to the right person fairly cheap.

Houston inform him that they were looking for a place to keep their crews working during the slump. Peter told them if they bought the bar now for seven thousand five hundred dollars they wouldn't need any kind of permit to fix up the building but if they waited for the revitalization committee headed up by his sister Elizabeth then they would need all kinds of permits . They bought the bar with cash that day.

With the keys in their hand both brothers decided to drive out there again and inspect the inside of the bar. Henry brought in his pad. From the inside the exposed rafters looked as though they were in pretty good shape. There was a lot of work to keep all of the crews busy for awhile.

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