The Murderous Ghost Of The Hideaway Bar (Part 2, page 1 of 5)

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Part 2

After leaving the Peter Landing Real Estate Company the brothers drove back to the bar. Their crew was working on the inside of the building. They had completed the frame work where the room dividing walls was going up and was taking a break while the electricians was running the wiring.

After they ran the wiring the wall board crew started installing the dry walls that would divide the rooms. Henry had a great idea instead of using wall board on the wall of the family section that would separate that section with the cash register and preparation area he suggested using like stain or painted non breakable glass

It would let the waitresses see them coming into the grill instead of using a bell system. Houston nodded but wanted to see what Henry was talking about. One of the electrician suggested they put lighting fixtures in the frame work that bulbs could be change from the service side without too much trouble.

Houston thought it sounded feasible if not too expensive. During their lunch break Henry was searching walls like that on his cell phone. He couldn't find exacting what he was thinking of put the acrylic p95 would work but it didn't come already painted. By then the lighting had already be installed.

The plexiglass would arrive shortly. After installing the plexiglass and the light was turn on it looked good with just with the light shinning through but would be better if a child theme scene was painted on it. Houston could tell Henry was upset with himself for letting the whole crew down.

He called Jack to see how the hotel had done their library and children's play area. Jack knew the couple of guys who had painted the plexiglass walls. In fact the name of the company was called The Walls Brothers Painting Service. Houston called them and arrange for them to come out and give him an estimate on the job to be done.

One of the brothers was in a meeting with the city's park department but the older brother could be there in thirty minutes. When Jeremy Wall showed up he recognized Jack and said it would be a one day job depending it the whole wall was to be done or if they wanted some children's playthings painted on it might not be a full day job.

He showed both Houston and Henry pictures in his book of their work. Henry knew what he was thinking of when he saw the playground picture. He wanted that scene on the wall. It had children playing on playground equipment.

Jeremy said that would be a full days job. Right then he gave them the estimate and Houston hired him to do the job. Their next open date was the day after tomorrow. They would arrive at eight in the morning.

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