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Part 3

Sabrina noticed the long list of surplus items was groeing longer and longer. She saw some interesting items listed. She saw cars,buses. vans. and trucks of all kinds. There was numberous of electrical equipement. One of the items was a set of six walkie talkies and a ham radio which could tuned into the walkie talkies and vise versa

​ There was a lot of paper items such as copy paper, paper towels, toilet paper.There banners, wrapping paper and greeting cards for all kinds of holidays. Sabrina showed the list to the Secretary of State and asked if she was allowed to buy items on the list. The answer was yes. She copied the list to take home and make her a list of items she wanted to buy

​ After dinner she sat down on the sofa with a cold drink. She saw that there was severalplots of land for sale. She knew that wasn't all of it. The list was suppose to be updatedin a couple of days.She noticed that the list of closed missle silos wasn't on the current list. She emailed her parents the list of goods and wondered if they, the city, or the church wanted any of the items

​ She recieved a list from all three plus checks to cover the cost and shipping charges. Sabrina had heard about their dehydrated foods especially the meat product. She wondered if they really tasted good and could be hydrated again with out much trouble. She ordered just a little package of each kind ot the dried meat goods. Some people was saying instead of the real meeat it was a meat by product.Sabrina bought her father some plans for wood projects. One of the plans was for a bench that if you connect two of them into a table.

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