The Middle of Nowhere Land (Part 7, page 1 of 5)

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Part 7

The FBI found Dr. Frank Stein's car parked at a out of the way spot in Hunt's Point. Upon further investigations they realized he was on the North Brother Island. A twenty acre abadoned island in NYC.that had all the trappings of a secretive exclusivity that a evil genius would want. The island once was the home of the Riverside Hospital Quararantine facility that opened it's door in 1885 for smallpox patients Later it took in patients with other veneral diseases and housed typhoid Mary who was a cook.

She didn't have the disease but spread it to her customers for over two decades untill her death in 1938 .He thought no days her customers would be suing her in civil court also.

​ The hospital closed their door in 1942. Later the buildings were used as veterns housing unit for awhile then it took it's turn to a rehab for young people with a drug addiction.It was closed due to abuse of the patients and stories of the buildings being haunted There was a problem with them being allowed onto the island. Protocol was you have to get an invitation then a waiver.

​ Agent Smith shared the intell with all of the government's security agencies the findings about the island. His drone had flown fairly close to the island and was shot at but he was able to recover it in the East River before it sunk and destroy the film

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