THE LOVE TRIANGLE (Part 11, page 2 of 5)

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Part 11

She had just finished her breakfast when Shivani arrived wuth another tray .

” Shi I have already had breakfast . Arjun brought me a tray”

” I know that but this is not for you . It is for Arjun bhaiya “

” What Arjun you didn’t eat breakfast ? Why ?”

” I was hoping to eat with you “

Sunaina felt selfish not asking Arjun if he had eaten.

She took the tray from Shivani hand and offered it to Arjun “ Arjun I am feeling guilty I should have asked you . Now finish your breakfast and then we will have juice together “

Shivani left the room . Arjun was very happy today . He was feeling that slowly Sunaina was warming towards him . She cared for him. She also considered him her friend. These were the first steps towards love .

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