THE LOVE TRIANGLE (Part 12, page 1 of 5)

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Part 12

Vikram was laughing,” I see my doll still has a sharp tongue”

” You put me down mr monster . Let me introduce my new friends to you . This is Shivani my best friend my sister. And this is Arjun her brother . All of us study together in Jodhpur in the same college . “

Vikram shook hands with Arjun but Arjun was preoccupied to respond.

Arjun was looking at Sunaina And Vikram laughig together. It was clear that they were very close friends.

They seemed to be very comfortable with each other . Somehow Arjun felt threatened from Vikram.

To say that Vikram scored only in the money department was also wrong because he was very handsome.

” Arjun bhaiya Vikram is very goodlooking.”

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