THE LOVE TRIANGLE (Part 6, page 2 of 3)

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Part 6

The ever chirpy Sunaina was silent in the morning also . They got ready . It was their last exam today and midterm break was to start from tomorrow.

Sunainas mind was not in the exam so dhe didn’t do it very well. She was still silentbut Shivani could not bear any longer .

” Su speak up . What happened yesterday and why are you si tense ?”

” Shi. Arjun asked me to be his girlfriend?”

” I knew that much but why are you so disturbed?”

” Because I am not sure Shivani . I have always looked upon Arjun as your brother and my friend nothing else .”

” So he has not forced you ?”

” I agree but now it will not be easy to deal with him . He is a nice guy and I do like him but loving him I just don’t know ?”

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