THE LOVE TRIANGLE (Part 6, page 1 of 3)

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Part 6

Sunaina had anticipated something like this but the way Arjun had conveyrd his feelings hinted at its seriousness.

She sat on the terrace for another hour before going back to her room.

Shivani was both excited and worried for Sunaina. When Sunaina entered after an hour she was very quiet and in deep thought. Sunaina went straight to bed and Shivani did not disturb her .

Sunaina was very disturbed . She had always looked upon Arjun as Shivani elder brother and nothing else. Infact she was finding difficult to digest the fact that Arjun was so strongly attracted to her . He was a nice guy but becoming his girlfriend she was uncertain .

Since Arjun was related to Shivani she couldn’t discuss this with her .

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