THE LOVE TRIANGLE (Part 4, page 2 of 5)

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Part 4

Sunaina was impressed . Arjun took very good care of his sister and she liked boys who cared for their families .

“thanks Arjun . You are such a dear “

When their hands touched electricity passed through Arjun.

He left pleased.

When she opened the dinner she found sll her favourites. “ See Su. Arjun bhaiya may have brought me dinner but he is trying to impress you . How I hope someone would care for me in a similar manner ?” She exclaimed .

” Shivani even you like Chinese ?”

“ But not as much as you do ?”

The next day again he brought dinner from them.Today Sunaina had finished her syllabus sowhen Arjun insisted she sat with him for a few minutes .

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