THE LOVE TRIANGLE (Part 8, page 3 of 3)

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Part 8

Then Arjuntook out his guitar and sang for the entire family.Sunaina was surprised because she was seeing a new side of him. "Arjun you never sang in college? You have such a lovely voice?"

Arjun beamed at her praise

"It is the company which is making him sing. Arjun bhaiya has a lovely voice but he sings only when he is very happy", remarked Shivani.

Then she whispered in her ear,"Su you have made him happy"

Sunaina blushed ,"I am tired. If you don't mind I would like to sleep early"

One day had passed and she had thoroughly enjoyed herself. Arjun was very likeable . Maybe she should accept his proposal. With these thoughts in mind Sunaina fell asleep.

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