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Part 1

The town of Sunny Dale with the population of twenty thousand was the home to Sunny Dale college, population close to five thousand was founded by Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Dale. The town was three blocks long by three blocks wide and now it spreads over twentynine square miles.‚ÄčIt had one major shopping mall which had gobs of businesses from little candy shop and a music store, a book store, and several clothing stores from big well known name stores to little unique stores like the little Cheese Factory outlet store. and several strip malls which had stores like Aldi to fitness gyms, a indoor pool, a library, then the square that was one block in every direction where the City Hall and Court House was located. There was at least six banks and two well known office supply stores and home improvement stores. Then there were three lumber yards. There were several fast food places where you could eat cheaply or if you prefer steaks and wine you could even have a choice of at least three restuarants. Then there was mom and pop stores and cafes like the frozen icees store to a pie and ice cream place on sixtysix highway

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