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Part 1

At the age of 10, she no longer played outside and started getting into the social aspect of hayano. For a while she had short conversations with random players, but eventually she met one certain stranger, he was so nice to her, she started getting a small crush. His character had blue eyes and white hair, very anime. They talked for a few days, little did she know he was flirting very subtly, how could she know? She was only 10.

After watching several romance movies with her mother, she learned about flirting, and started flirting back.

After 2 weeks of back and forth flirting, Dante asked Tessa how old she was! She said "you first".. And he answered with "21". Tessa hesitated, freaked out a little bit.. She really liked him and didn't want to lose him because of age, often hearing "age is just a number" she decided to tell him she was 21 as well.

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