The Haunting of Miranda Halls (Part 3, page 1 of 8)

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Part 3

On Callie's next stint of food delivery she watched father John again went into the overview but this time she waited a few minutes for him to come out but

he didn't so she went to the kitchen to put the lock up unit food on the dumb waiter and thought she saw another cable shaking on the right side of the dumb

waiters' cable. When she went to the lock up unit she asked Amber if she could describe what Christian looked like and found out that Amber was pretty good

at drawing so she promised her that she would sneak her some paper and a pencil if she would draw what Christian looked like,

‚Äč The next day Amber had the paper and pencil that she needed and knew to hide it from the guard and that wouldn't be hard to do with the noise that is made

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