The Haunting of Miranda Halls (Part 1, page 1 of 7)

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Part 1

The Bishops inherited the task of finishing raising her sister's three children after their parents sudden death by a train collading into their stalled car on the 291

​train track and wasn't able to escaped the car before the train hit just shy of Callie's sixteenth birthday. Callie was grieving and lashing out at everyone and it was

​making it hard on the younger two which was only five and six and didn't fully understand what had happened . This was the third time in one week that Carmen

​had been called to the school in one week about Callie's behavior. This time the police was also called. She had slammed another student's face into a bleacher

​and caused him to have his forehead cut open and was on his way to the emergency room. Everyone understood but her behavior could not continue so she was

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