The Girl I Met In Flight (Part 9, page 3 of 4)

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Part 9

Unfortunately, not in her location....But chennai!!(Thats enough!!!)

First ten days me and my friend stayed in a guest house provided by the company..

I got a call from her one evening .

Was she here too? ....With a wild guess, i came out of the hotel and stepped to the nearby bus stop....

Yeah! she was there...(She already knew where i was staying that time)

But i didn't expect that.... We exchanged our usual smile and greeted after a long time.

We planned for a day out as well...!

On a hot saturday afternoon, we had our outing..She was accompanied by her friends... We roamed few places...

At the time of sunset, we were there at the beach.... What a sight!!! ( I am referring to the sun only....)

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