The Girl I Met In Flight (Part 7, page 2 of 3)

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Part 7

Nothing big! Just to chose one wallet model that i was going through online websites. They helped me really. Atlast choice was mine. Found one Wallet...

Butterfly Wallet to a Butterfly!!!! favourite sky blue color....

It was wrapped up with a gift cover and it asked for my message to her..... I gave my message there and her contact number so that she can receive straightaway......

We had our training modules in one seperate phase. So we went there. That same day evening ,she called me and said " I want to meet you in my floor".

I went there..

There was my rainbow..

Comes on a better timing!!!

Beautifies our surrounding!!

Thats what a rainbow is!!

She was completely blissful .

My message added delight to her happiness...

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