The Girl I Met In Flight (Part 6, page 1 of 4)

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Part 6

Ha ha! Just two years! (I am having problem with my hormones I think....)

Age really matters a lot... Is that God's own statement? Never.

Age is just a number...

Our facebook chat continued. We exchanged our numbers. Still we didn't meet in personal after that cab incident i mentioned previously. So i thought of meeting her. I asked her to bring me a chocolate.

(...Normally i don't like chocolates.....But i wished to get a chocolate from a chocolate!!!.....To my excitement, she also asked me the same in return...)

I was in seventh heaven.

If you were given with a truck

in the middle of an open road

Where will you start?

Where will you go?

The same condition was mine.... Next day morning, I went to the shop and bought very costliest chocolate stacked there. That chocolate i kept in my bag was like a terrorist preserving his grenade.

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