The Girl I Met In Flight (Part 5, page 1 of 4)

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Part 5

We all headed towards our office. I was the only one smiling wide open inside the cab. We reached our office. Her cab also reached at the same moment.

Its time to swipe in at the entry hall. Yes!

I turned my head looking at her. With a short smile, she was already looking at me. Oh God! what a moment...Man...I lived that moment.

A smoke raised with huge fumes!

A fire sparkled from her eyes!

Am I the only one hearing a symphony or you too.....?

Still that 2 minutes never equals my 24 hours a day!

Suddenly i heard from the security " Ok sir.done! you please move inside."..(Why these security people are like this?)

We started moving to our individual training rooms. I need to wait 3 more hours to see that painting. Yes! mostly our eyes met at lunch hours . Finally, the wait was over. Its time for lunch. There she was sitting with her friends. I searched for her. The same happened. She also stared at me. We exchanged a heavenly smile!

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