The Girl I Met In Flight (Part 4, page 1 of 3)

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Part 4

The whole day went thinking about the incident happened . Like a spark everything happend in an eye blink.

Its a spark!

Yes, love indeed is light from heaven;

A spark of that immortal fire.

Was this love? I don't think so.

Next day........ It became more complicated.

I and my friends usually went to office through cab only. Everyday it crossed her residing area that we were not aware of it. One day when our cab waited for one of our friends in the same place where she was residing, there i found a bird...

standing bird? yes....she only. Adding more freshness to the morning air.

She was talking with some one that time in her mobile phone. I am the one who was seeing her dumb-strucked. All my friends started making fun of me and tested my boldness to speak with her.

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