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Part 1

Neal O'Donnell had seen a decline and increase in both of his professional careers. In the religious field he had seen an decline in attendence of his catholic church congregation and in his other profession a decline in people signing up to become police officers and what really bothered him was a fast growing increase in crimes especially very violent crimes. He had several conversations with the Bishop about the toll of being both a police officer and a priest and if it was too much on him.

‚Äč So far he was handling both professions extremely well. At times both of his careers seem to cross over and he would rather keep them seperate. If they cross over he would rather it be a person who he had arrested for some petty thing that through him accepted God and changed their life around for the good. So far he could remember only one time that it happened the opposite and the young man ran out in front of a semi and was killed running from the police and God.

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