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Part 1

Twenty years earlier,

The Sacred Club has lost all hope of finding a bride for their master , after losing thirty ladies to a rather painful tragedy. The United Fronts look so waned out and defeated after everyday hustle of acquiring a proficient bride.

"I want this one" the man with the cloak on said

"But Sire , we have lost thirty women " one of the United fronts replied looking at his other members

"I 've made my decision, what I say is what will be done" " take a look at her" he commanded without looking at them.

All the United fronts look at the Shalom, a wide object with smoke like substance drifting around it. There was nothing at first just a dark smoke circulating in it but suddenly, a young woman face appeared in it , she was young and beautiful.

"It's her I desire "

"Very well Sire, your wish is our command" they chorus

The master took a knife and cut his hand, then squeezed his hand dripping his blood on the Shalom which showed the woman's face.


"Yes master"

" Get me my mark"

" As you wish master."


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