The Garden Of Eden (Part 4, page 1 of 19)

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Part 4


Gil was startled awake by a deafening, though familiar roar. He jumped out of bed, pulling on

clothes as he ran for the door.

"No! Stay here!" he gestured to the Adi girl. "Stay here! Right here! In bed! Don't move

from here!" He hoped she would understand his gestures as he backed away to the door. Then,

going outside, he closed it behind him with some trepidation.

A hundred metres away, in the pre-dawn light, a shuttle's engines were idling. Several

figures were making there way towards Gil. All were armed.

Fearing for the Adi girl's safety, Gil decided to stay near the shed.

"Gil! Are you okay? We detected an Adi near here-"

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