The Garden Of Eden (Part 3, page 3 of 32)

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Part 3

He sighed, and tried gently waking the alien girl.

Her only response was an angry moan of frustration. Mabel responded only by twitching her ears.

"Fine. Stay here and sleep. But I've got to go plant a garden."


The heat was soon dry and ferocious. He looked out the front towards the utility sheds, wondering if their contents were truly intact. He found a sun-hat and donned it, and considered the Adi girl a moment. Her eyes were open.

"The storage sheds are still here," he said, knowing she couldn't understand him. "Assuming they haven't been meddled with, there should be a few miles of plastic tubing in one of them. I"m going to run the tubing from where we were underground to the top of that hill over there," he pointed and the girl glanced in that direction, "hook up a motor that runs off solar cells, and start pumping water. And I'm going to plant a box of seeds. We have eight weeks of food. Hopefully, in eight weeks we'll have enough growing to feed us. If not, we'll starve."

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