The Forgotten Ones (Part 1, page 2 of 27)

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Part 1

She put in her application at several places and was denied employment. She asked every manager that interviewed her why and the answer was the same the job is for the immigrants that came in from the other One World countries and would be coming in soon.


There had been rumors that churches and other religious facilities was in the process of being closed down and their attendees was being arrested.

One Sunday during church services while preaching the one world nations are catering in the end of times Allie went upstairs to the bathroom in the shower room which had a sign by the door that said this shower room is loked at all times but was unlock in ase the other bathrooms was in use during church servies. She locked the door and was preceeding to use the facility when the speaker system came on and she could hear a man say they were from the federal government and everyone in attendence was being under arrest for violating the One World Coalition new rules Allie knew her parents wasn't in attendence that day du to working.

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