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Part 1

Election day came and there were thousands of people that voted for one candidate was not abled to cast their vote by the government for one reason or the other and the candidate that certain billionaires, big corporations, and the government wanted to be president was elected. During the lame duck session things seemed like it was settling down and getting back to normal. Both parties running the government was getting along and was changing some of the laws. Nato was paying their fair share. Then inauguration day and the elected president took over and the first thing that president did was vetoed all new laws and made their own new laws. .

‚Äč . There was free college for at least part of the nation's gradruating class. Allie had gotten her forms for colleges even though she still had two years of high school left. Both of her parents worked.Her father worked at the local car factory and her mother was a RN at the local hospital. Allie was given a car for her sixteenth birthday present at a really nice birthday party because of her age the insurance and loan was in her parents name but that was fine with Allie.

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