The Forbidden Love (Part 10, page 3 of 7)

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Part 10

" I've to go to Delhi tomorrow"

"Why? I think its off for your college; isn't it?", I asked.

"Shivam has called. Its our 2nd anniversary and he wants to meet. Its been 2 months I've been ignoring him but tomorrow I've to go. I'll try to tell him about us and end this tomorrow", she replied.

I was in utter shock. It seemed as if the entire cloud which I thought I had left behind, has come over my head and bursted here itself. I couldn't talk. I just nodded "hmm..ok"

"Don't hmm me! I want your support to tell him all this. I know it would hurt him badly and it would hurt me too. We've been friends for so long. You should have been here. You are never here whenever I need you. I know even if i break up with him, he'll be there with me..whenever I need him. But you are not here; with me; neither today and nor you will be anytime. You are sitting at 1500KM while I need you here. I even asked you to come here but you didn't.", she spoke all this with an emotional outburst.

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