The Forbidden Love (Part 7, page 2 of 7)

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Part 7

"Its nothing. The girl I trusted is with someone else and I can't bear this thought. So it'd better if I leave now.", I answered.

"The same girl wants you to stay. I'll sort out the things with him and I promise you, I'd be just a normal friend to him and no affection is there from my side.", she explained.

"Hmmm..ok. Will talk after the day is over.", I uttered.

The hurricane of thoughts unfurled all across my mind throughout the day. But in the end, I settled for the same as always," Whatever happens..happens for the good. Let the things continue and we'll see when the time comes."

So we kept talking and chatting from there onwards. I thought while I would go home by Diwali break, she might have ended it all. Here comes the break, a few days after Diwali and we were about to meet after a period of 2 months and 15 days, I was very firm in my mind that if she still insists that she needs more time, I would end it once and for all. So we finally met, in the morning, she was there at the metro station as usual, before me. She was looking beautiful in this maroon top with a black jean below it, wet hair spread all across her neck, pink lips and that never ending charm on her face. I forgot everything, whatever I have thought in my mind that I was going to say. How could someone look so beautiful, I asked to myself. Then I was standing right in front of her, she was very excited to see me, she just hugged me very tightly amidst all the stare looks on the platform.

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