The Forbidden Love (Part 2, page 2 of 4)

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Part 2

"Oh yeah..sure. Ummm..Ok. I guess, being friends with me could help neutralise your serious offence." I sent the message with that devilish smile emoji.

She bursted in laughter and just said,"Idiot..If we were not friends by now, would I be talking to you?"

I said,"No, I meant not only FB friends, I want to be friends like friends are; you are getting me right?"

After a small thought," Ok we'll see about that. Depends on how you behave." she mumbled.

"Don't you think chatting on FB is boring and is really slow" she added.

"Yeah! It consumes more bandwidth than Whatsapp. If You don't mind, Can I have your Whatsapp number?", I brushed off some of my engineering knowledge and grabbed the opportunity to ask for it.

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