The Forbidden Love (Part 2, page 1 of 4)

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Part 2

"Sorry!, That was sent twice due to network problem. I sent it first but the internet got disconnected, so I thought maybe It won't reach you and that would sound so rude, so I sent it again" ,She explained the reason for the 'Thanks' sent twice.

"Oh! Was it? But 'sending Thanks twice' is a very serious matter indeed, Sorry won't suffice for it. " I took a dig at her.

"Oh realllly? So what should I do to suffice for my mistake, Sir?" She asked mockingly.

"Ummm!! let me think. Yea...We'll have to neutralise it." I replied.

"And how can we do that? I being a commerce student, don't know much about neutralisation but seems an engineer could help!" She mocked.

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