The Forbidden Love (Part 3, page 2 of 6)

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Part 3

I didn't know how I would present myself as it was our first hang-out or say date in my dreams. So we met, she shook my hand, and we sat at Mc'd in CP and talked all lovely things. After all this, I was clueless of where to spend the whole day with her but to my utter surprise, she held my hand and led me to the station premises.

"You wanna have something?" I asked.

"Like what?", she exclaimed.

I took a Cadbury Silk out of my pocket and offered her. Just like almost every girl, she was pretty fond of chocos. She ripped the wrapper apart and was about to throw it.

"No...Don't throw it away. Swach Bharat know. Give it to me. I'll put it in my bag and will throw it in dustbin." She bursted in laughter, "Ok Modi's follower, you will be keeping the wrappers of each chocos from now on". The clock seemed to be ticking very fast and it was evening in a while and we were back to metro and reached home. What a beautiful day it was for me. She had touched me for the first time, she shared the choco with me, she laughed at my jokes and what not?

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