The Forbidden Love (Part 6, page 3 of 5)

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Part 6

"What is that supposed to mean and even if I'm hurt, it should not matter to you. right?", I lashed at her.

"It matters to me..I don't want you to be hurt and I don't love Shivam. I just happen to be with him but I don't love him", she sobbed.

"Don't confuse me anymore. He is your BF and you don't love him but you are still with him. Why is everything so much complicated with you girls? Just let me go to sleep now. I don't want to listen any of your lies now. Its ok, you didn't tell me earlier because you didn't intend to", I hung up the phone again.

I didn't know what to talk to her now. I was feeling betrayed. I was asking myself," Why didn't she tell me earlier..maybe I could have controlled myself. I was feeling as if something has pierced through the left portion of my chest. I slipped the stairs down to my room but that pain was nothing as compared to the one I had just got now.

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