The Forbidden Love (Part 8, page 2 of 3)

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Part 8

"So, she said yes?", she fired the question after I had just entered the door.

"Who said yes? I didn't get you", I tried to escape from this awkward situation where a 'Bhabhi(SIster-in-law')' was asking her 'Devar(brother-in-law')' about his relation with her own sister.

"Just shut up and tell", she asked with a smile.

"Yes...", I answered and just went to my room. It was really getting awkward for me. She just smiled and maybe asked the full story from Ni only.

So the time has come up for me to again fly to Mysore and I was in no mood for that. I mean how can someone just leave the girl behind whom he has loved for so long and now when she is his..finally and fly from here? But all these were never ending paradigms, I had to fly anyways. So while waiting at the gate to board the flight, I texted her..."I'll miss you..a hell lot." and we again went into those emotional talks as every couple in the starting stage of their so-called perfect relationship. I still remember the last thing she said to me before the flight took off....

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