The Forbidden Love (Part 4, page 1 of 7)

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Part 4

Days kept on passing and we started spending more time with each other and in one of our casual talks, I happened to tell her that I just don't like her, Its more than that. But she just laughed and thought I was joking. I didn't want to impose too, so I let her believe that "yeah! I was kidding."

"Have you ever been in love?", I asked her.

"Yeah...once. Its much better to stay single", she said with very confident eyes.

"Tell me more about it, I want to hear who was the lucky guy.", I continued to ask.

With a smile and wicked look at me:

" It was during the election time in college. I used to spend time with this guy and I became quite fond of him and eventually developed feelings for her. He proposed me and I said yes. But after merely 10-15 days, He met with an accident and had his hand broken. So I along with my friend, paid him a visit, seeing me at his flat, he felt relaxed. I asked my friend to leave. So it was both of us in the room. We started to get intimidate and meanwhile, he did something which I could never even dream of. He asked," you are here to get laid? Ain't you?". I couldn't believe my ears and just put my clothes back on and rushed from his flat to the college. From that day on, I stopped talking to him but his friends started to call me some names, call me bad words, abuse me and what not. I could not go to college for the coming 10-15 days. I didn't eat anything. I didn't talk to anybody. I couldn't sleep properly. All I kept on doing was crying."

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