The Dark Magi (Part 10, page 1 of 15)

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Part 10


Gina paused at the bedroom doorway to see if T’li had moved. Something dull and fearful gripped her heart at the empty expression on the young woman’s face. The Udin girl remained as before, sitting on the edge of her bed, rocking herself forward and back almost imperceptibly, her stare unfocused. Swallowing, Gina made her way downstairs where she found Rhian sitting in the kitchen with Niia. Una was out somewhere with friends.

‘Any change?’

Gina mutely shook her head and joined them. She, too, was now marked by the loss of her brother. She neither slept nor ate well, and like T’li appeared wan and pale, an aspect that was only exacerbated by the untidiness of her crimped-looking teddy-bear-blonde hair. Gina sat close beside her older sister, who put her arms around the girl, kissed her forehead, and rocked her, gently. Gina lost her composure then, and began weeping, quietly.

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