The Dark Magi (Part 9, page 1 of 50)

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Part 9


It was not until T’li’s bleak mood began to affect her that Rhian began to realise the full import of their situation. Though they fought extravagantly, the combined forces of Otar, Udin, and what

remained of the Talimari military, were losing ground by the day. News was becoming scarce as

they Enemy’s numbers increased upon the high seas, and by degrees it was learned that they had

gained a foothold in Udin.

The great evacuation had begun.

Each day Rhian accompanied the distraught young woman to the docks of Port Brun as she waited for news of Erin, and each day she would wait until she had scrutinized each and every face of every new refugee, until at last, realising he was not among them, she would allow Rhian to lead her back to the home of their billets.

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