The Dark Magi (Part 8, page 1 of 35)

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Part 8


Father Adrian studied the movements of the Otari forces as they made preparations to halt the advance of the Dark Magi’s Imperial Army. The bottleneck they had chosen was narrow, a scant thirty feet, bordered by the sea to the right and a cliff of rock to the left. They had felled many trees, and were in the process of erecting a barrier of twenty-foot-long sharpened wooden stakes. Behind this they erected barriers to protect two hundred archers, every one a marksman.

The shoreline was littered with broken, blackened debris, and dead bodies, almost all of which belonged to one of the Imperial Army’s naval fleets.

There was no sign of Udin’s soldiers. And the Otari army . . . they were unpredictable. And dangerous. Instead of being separated into squads to watch for the next wave of Imperial ships, they had turned their attention to the search for spies.

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