The Dark Magi (Part 7, page 1 of 39)

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Part 7


Irena was almost as apprehensive about meeting Niia’s and Nil’s friends as she was about setting

foot out of doors. She was just getting used to her new home, and the bedroom she shared with Niia and Una, and being part of a family. She didn’t feel herself to be ready for outsiders yet, or the outside. She wanted to be close to Ander and T’cha, her new parents, as much as possible.

The emotional dam had burst the night she’d wakened with nightmares, and stumbled into their room. To have a mother and father there to comfort her, to dry her tears, to take her into their bed for the night and keep her safe and warm, had given her profound release, healing parts of her that had lain dormant since she was a small child. And she had wept like an hysterical child, and clung to them shamelessly, without guilt, without feeling foolish or weak or wretched. Only loved, with gentle, patient forbearance. Oh, what it was to feel loved!

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