The Dark Magi (Part 5, page 3 of 90)

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Part 5

Slowly her eyes adjusted to the gloom. There were cobwebs and old wooden crates and barrels scattered carelessly about; evidently, this place had once been used for storage. And in the centre of the floor, a wooden trapdoor stood open.

Approaching cautiously, she peered into the black pit, trying to make sense of the noise coming from below. And then-

-her head ringing from the aftershock of being struck, she found herself foundering, trying to breathe!

It took her a moment to realise she was under water, and in total darkness. She began to panic, being unable to find the surface, or even orient herself to know which way was up. At once, it occurred to her to blow a little air out of her mouth, and use her hand to feel which way the bubbles were going-

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