The Dark Magi (Part 3, page 3 of 35)

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Part 3

face, young lady!’

‘Then stop treating me as though I were a child!’ Ander and T’cha caught each other’s eye at

that, as there was little real protest in Irena’s voice; she was all-too-obviously more interested in

trying the fresh, aromatic bread T’cha buttered for her than anything else, and accepted it from the woman with the habitual aplomb of a child well-used to a parent’s attentions.

‘The two of you have been together longer than with the other three?’ Ander asked.

T’cha shook her head. ‘I’ve known Myrrn and Kira since they were children. We hail from the same village. Dielu I’ve known since she was in diapers. Her father was the best navigator in all Udin, and she was an only child, which is the reason the secret navigator’s art got passed on to a woman.

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