The dark love soul (Part 6, page 2 of 37)

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Part 6

They all too enters in the lift and get into their rooms at 3rd floor.

They all cousins wanna rest themselves after this long journey.

Well, its the pleasent atmostphere in their rooms. They divide the rooms among them with the tokens with them.

They have approached their rooms.

********ROOM'S VEIW*********

Each room contains 3 single beds. Beautiful flowers with a partrichor outside the windows are giving ever mellifluous feel to the room stayers. No any slighter indifference in the room, it is. A table for holding leptops and other accessories is been given. Lamps are like flourescent. Rainbows, like juggling colours inside the room. Spacious, bright and igniting outward facing rooms are beautifully equipped with their beauty. The windows are giving a soothing and ranting look outside from it, where beach gallery and Seagulls are moving and flattering. Attached bath is one of the main things, with all the water supply facilities. Rooms have a magnificient hall-way dressing area. Inside room, there is another world of imagination and calm atmosphere everywhere. Air coolers, fans and automatic heaters are also fixed to be used. 2 spacious wardrobes are also fixed to set your outfits. The entire veiw is giving a balmy and clement environment to be felt.

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