The dark love soul (Part 4, page 4 of 51)

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Part 4

Now! She has done with all and moving towards her mom's room.

KAREN: Hey mom! How am i looking?

MOM(with agaping looks): karen!!! You're looking greandour and splendour' no doubt. You'll be looking the prettiest girl in the party, wait and see!

KAREN(regretting) : oh! Thanks mom.... I love the way, you admire me.

MOM: thanks! Thanks karen.

KAREN(watching down to her watch): mom! I'm just getting late and its 8:45pm..... I shall be back maybe tomorrow or in late night, party's much long.

MOM: okay but take care,karen! Bubye

KAREN: yea, definely! Bubye.....

Hey driver, just be ready, shouts karen.

Karen picks up her hand bag and gets out of house and sits in the car, making the journey to the "ENTHRAL CLUB". During this journey, John texts Karen.

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