The dark love soul (Part 4, page 3 of 51)

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Part 4


Its karen's dressing room. Its totally lovie-dovie and pink. At one side,its the dressing table which contains a table and a peculiar wardrobe.

Karen's now have put on her garms!

Its the turn of hairstyling. She has decided to make a "BRAIDED BUN" as its a maxy, she should make a hair bun. It will definitely look hot and perfect.

She has done with her bun with her goldenish brown hair with red thin layers one after another from lower hair. She is looking like a princess or a barbie.

In accessories, karen has worn a neclace which is of white gold and ornamented and embellished with diomond pearls. For wrist, she has decided a silver watch whereas for ears, she has decided silverish and blackish ear rings.

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