The dark love soul (Part 4, page 2 of 51)

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Part 4


The entire day from 9:40am to 7:30pm, passes with the discussions,singing,bathing, and all the works, routinely.

Now, its 7:35pm and karen wanna make actual make up and outfits along with putting on the accessories.

She first of all have a face wash and then starts to wear make up. She doesn't like to go to beauty salons and parlours rather she preffers and likes to attire herself with her own hands and cosmetics. She has a good command at making oneself captivating,pretty and attractive.

She first makes her up by wearing make up. Oh! She's looking hot and alluring.

Now, she is going to the dressing room, picking her cloths and garms up so that she may put them on her body.

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