The dark love soul (Part 9, page 4 of 32)

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Part 9

Finally, John texted so late of his hecticness in some cruciality. Karen read the message and she went along with her two friends to the Canteen corner, gossiping and discussing the life. Meanwhile, John coughed and appeared before her. Karen was just overwhelmed when he appeared as they met after a long time.

''Hey John''; Karen ululated

'''Hellow, what have you been doing, Karen?''; He enquired

''Nothing interesting but I was only waiting for you''; She replied

''I'm finally here''; He answered

''So how's the first day here?'' Karen asked

''Its quite hectic, nice and somewhat interesting with you.... and yours?'' ;John asked

''Mine's fantastic... and as far as I know, later, time will come more better'' Karen assured

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