The dark love soul (Part 8, page 2 of 24)

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Part 8

now on the departure, we know no any personal grudges. This one's gonna rapturous to be felt. The seagulls and the

pheasants are always worth, the look. We wanna see it again, wanna meet it again.

Wanna ejaculate on the last day out here, wanna sob out and with a rush of tears, why the days got passed in a

playing pinch, How the time passes like a second or a minute was only ours. The accelerating sarcasm and excessive

overwhelming in our rejoices and feverish practices and each and every clamful activity of joy is the thing, mattering alot

every minute, we think back about the home sweet home. This is the fetching place to the level, we can't exclaim even. Here,

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